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Visual workplace

Every day during your commute you are surrounded by visual devices that give you information when you need it. From speed limit signs to lane closures, you encounter visual devices that nudge you in the right direction and help you successfully make it to your destination. This concept works because humans are visual beings. In fact, 50% of human brain function is devoted to finding and interpreting visual information.

When put to use in the workplace, the goal is to provide essential information in a visual, non-verbal format that is easily understood at a glance and is located at the point of need for anyone and everyone who needs it, all without asking a single question. When information is conveyed in this manner, it ensures that everyone can understand what is being communicated, even in a multi-language workforce. For organizations struggling to find experienced workers due the growing skills gap, visual devices can be invaluable by helping less experienced employees learn the job quickly and effectively.

Vizzually offers all the products that are perfectly tailored to your needs to setup a visual workplace.  

For complete design of your visual equipped communication rooms and workplaces  please contact us via


Do you want to organize a successful meeting? Vizzually is your total supplier in visual services.

Vizzually focuses on companies and trainers who wish to rent equipment for a meeting, conference, presentation, event or workshop without any worries.

We offer you an extensive range of rental materials that are of high quality and multifunctional such as,

– Poster boards

– Flip charts

– Graphicwalls

– Training and workshop material.

These products allow you to organize a meeting more clearly and lead it more effectively. Provide clarity, create involvement and help participants to understand and participate.

We are happy to advise you which combination of materials is optimal for your situation. Vizzually’’s (optional) transport service completely relieves you of the transport, assembly and dismantling of the materials. All materials are ready well before your meeting takes place. Quality, speed and reliability are basic conditions for us.

If you have any questions or want to reserve materials, please contact us via or via telephone number: +32 465 70 47 87