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Vizzually offers different ways of training methods.  Depending on your needs we can organize Open Training Sessions, Inhouse workshops or via an online platform, that is still under construction, and will be available soon!

Open Training Sessions

Fresh training stimuli in a new environment. That is motivating!

Are you looking for training at a certain location? Or at a certain time? Would you like training exactly at your level – somewhere between beginner and advanced? Then there is nothing more uncomplicated out there as our open training sessions.

We make it very simple for you on our training platform. You select a date, place and level:

  • up to 40 open workshops per year
  • Basic and Advanced
  • excellent, motivated trainers!up to 40 open workshops per year Basic and Advancedexcellent, motivated trainers!

Everyone shares the feeling that visual work can be very enriching in our careers and projects. But most think they can’t draw well. Not for long! Our open workshops give a sense of achievement and help you to to make the first steps.

Inhouse Workshops

It´s simple: On-site at your location. Now that’s theory-to-practice transfer!

Are you looking for training that you can quickly and effectively integrate into your working day? Then you will find our in-house workshops to be the ideal training opportunity. All exercises and examples are directly connected to your day-to-day work.

Learn and get started right away: you can use your new skills directly after we have laid out the foundation for you. And of course, this new knowledge will be applicable to your most current issues. All in all your team and entire projects will be more interactive, you will achieve more of an overview and finally your manifestation power will increase. As you will learn how you can visualize your content, ideas, presentations, etc. more. And you will see how easily you will acquire these skills. Each participant will receive a Visualization Kit in order for them to continue working right away

Online Course

Learning, when and where you like it. Now, that is simple!

For the first time ever, our online training platform VizTrain offers you a complete online course for visualization. And the best part of it: our online platform offers you the easiest entry point into visualization itself, as it is:

quick (register online and start right away) economical (just as our well-proven on-site training courses) and without constraints (available online – where and when you want it).

A concept that speaks for itself: While developing our online platform, the following thoughts were our focus: simplicity and the optimal learning environment.

Well-equipped right from the start: a kit with high-quality, original materials (Neuland markers etc) is already included in the price of the package, so you can kick off right away. Not just training exercises, but also an inspiring learning community and the possibility to contact your trainer await you. You will see: to learn how one can visualize has never been so easy!