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What is Visual Facilitation?

Visual Facilitation is the intentional integration and application of visual elements and exercises into our educational activities for:

  • Presenting content and information.
  • Documenting outcomes.
  • Supporting (in the sense of actively guiding) an individual and/or group process.

Especially when it comes to situations where the density of information, or the level of complexity, is rather high, the use of visual elements is of a great value for perception and overall understanding. Therefore, we also see Visual Facilitation as a more holistic and dynamic approach, that can be used to deal with the challenges of “information overflow” and the complexity of a globalised and rapidly changing world.

Visualisations can grab attention and increase a someone’s level of motivation and engagement. Combining spoken and/or written words with visual elements and thus addressing different senses, has an impact on how people perceive information and retain facts in their memories.

Our Expert Facilitators

Vizzually facilitators draw on a decade of experience running meetings for the biggest companies in the world. Our process begins with a consultation designed to uncover your meeting’s true objectives and includes robust and detailed agendas, custom visual templates, and exercises that ignite creativity.

Even more than in face-to-face meetings, virtual gatherings need clear leadership. Without a point person, it’s easy to get lost in crosstalk, or worse, stalled in group silence. Vizzually  has developed techniques for fostering active conversations in a virtual environment that ensures everyone’s ideas are heard.